Milk and Milk Alternatives: What are the options?

I discovered Almond Milk a few years ago, and while I wasn't in love with the flavor, it was a good choice for a milk alternative.  I used it in smoothies, morning oatmeal, soups and anything else I used milk for.  The only problem I had with it was I hated it in coffee.  So I started looking into other milk alternatives just to see what was out there.  I tried soymilk, cashew milk, rice milk, coconut milk and hemp milk to see if there was one that really stood out to me.  I learned that I prefer soy milk less than any other option and that cashew milk was one of the best.  Of course, it's impossible to find cashew milk for sale, so to rely on this option, it has to be homemade.  I decided to continue using regular skim milk (from grass-fed cows, of course) in my coffee, but to continue using almond milk in smoothies, oatmeal and soups.

I put together an infographic in case anyone else is going through the same experience  and just wants to see the different milks laid out next to each other and compared to the standard skim milk:

Let me know what you think!  And what milk alternatives you rely on!