Morning Smoothie

We start every morning off with a smoothie.  It's a great way to get a ton of fiber, protein, vitamins and probiotics into your system before the day really begins.  Smoothies are super transportable (don't put them in a metal container--it tends to alter the flavor in a bad way) if you're running late to work or delicious as a side to a plate of scrambled eggs and toast when you have time for a relaxed breakfast. Here's what we had in ours this morning:ImageI use yogurt, banana, almond milk and spinach as a base in pretty much every smoothie I make (unless I happen to be out of an ingredient).  I play around with adding different fruits, seeds (flax or chia), sprouts and sometimes nut butters to make smoothies a little bit different every day.

This was my first time adding carrots to a smoothie, and it actually turned out really well.  The carrots blend really well and add a little bit of sweetness without the calories.

I'd love to know what you put in your smoothies! Any cool fruits or vegetable combos I should be trying?